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Photos by
Wayne Denning
Ken Sato
Sato Studio, Lodi, California
Modeling of our Sheeting by Shani Morita




  • All our products are made of 100% medical-grade silicon.
  • Our products have proven negative ion readings. We have personally tested our top-of-the line bracelets using a 3010-Pro Ion Tester, giving readings from 3000-3500 negative ions per cubic centimeter.
  • Sheeting! It’s flat, and the same silicon with a very high negative ion reading. The sheet is 17″x19″ and 2mm thick. The readings range between 2000 and 2500. Use it under the sheets of your bed, in pillows, insoles.

Please check with your medical doctor if you have any questions or reservations. If you wear a pacemaker, or are pregnant, be sure to mention it to us. We can remove the magnetic insert from the metal plating.


Picture below shows tubing wrapped around the knee due to an injury, reducing swelling and pain.b9fff04f9997e94468b20a94c4070122


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