3000 Bracelets

Highest amount of negative ion output. For general body comfort. Especially suggested for hand, fingers,  wrist ailments such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, joint pain from repetitive movements

2000 Bracelets

Next highest amount of negative ion output. Same application as above for the 3000 bracelet.

Full Sheets

A 17″ x 19″ sheet of silicon, which can be used to sleep on for back, lower back, spinal discomfort. Can be cut up for insoles, bed pillow inserts, cushion inserts.


Cut from the full sheets, this set of 2 rectangles are traced from your shoe’s insoles, and cut to be worn inside your shoe. These will help pain from joint problems, warm cold feet suffering from circulatory problems, and reduce discomfort from extended walking or standing.


Designed to be wrapped around joints, and custom fitted for comfort, the negative ions will focus directly on the joint for immediate application to injury. Can be used for elbow, wrist, ankle or knee.


This custom connector will tightly bind the two ends together for a secure fit.

Client Testimonials

    Fantastic! I placed the 17" x 19" sheeting under my fitted bed sheet, and I have been using this product for about 10 nights now. I have felt healthier, with less aches and pains. I have been working at a very physical job, on my legs for 7-8 hours in a day...I can truly say you negative ion product is truly amazing. I feel rejuvenated every morning! Thank you!

    - By Shani Morita

    Please email me to discuss your product i purchased last weekend in Dixon.

    - By Anna

    Hello, I bought one of your marvelous Products some weeks ago. And I have had much better felling than before. It makes me healthier and my life is more meaningful when I have it. Diane-35

    - By Naomie Coopmans

    I will try to spend my free time following and supporting for this website because it is so good. Thanks!

    - By Samuel Same

    I just want to say Thank you for having this wonderful product, I bought three magnet ones for me and my family and after couple minutes I felt the difference on my body as well my husband and my mom. I was really skeptical first but I so happy I have one now.Since I had it a sleep better and not feel tired after long day in front of the computer. Definitely works and I strongly recommend to everyone who has health problems or injuries.

    - By Borislava