1.    What are negative ions and how do they help?

Negative ions come from nature. Rocks, minerals, water. These ions in the air help diffuse positive ions of dust, electrical influences which are detrimental to our health.

2.    Why do I need these products?

We are exposed through our daily activities to an unclean environment, using our mobile phones, using computers and laptops. By diffusing these positive influences, our internal circulatory system flows more efficiently, with less interference. We all want to be healthier.

3.    How long does this product last?

Negative ions exist in rocks and minerals, as negative ions are in water. Our products continue to produce negative ion readings long after the silicon breaks apart.

4.    Are there side effects?

Just as taking a long bath, walking in the rain, standing near a waterfall. One can’t always be available to that many negative ions all day, all night. We won’t have ill effects to all those ions. But being around as many as one can, will always be a healthy effect.

5.    How will this help me?

If you have any pains or discomforts, the improved circulation will help inflammation, lessen pain.

6.    What happens if I stop using it?

If you remove the product, you will lose the negative ions flowing into your system. The pain and discomfort will return.

7.    What is your return policy? And why?

If you have tried the product for daily for 30 days, and you have not felt a reduction in pain or inflammation, you can contact us. We will work out a solution or process a refund. Medications work for some of us; the same medications may not work for someone else. The same with this remedy. The responses will differ between any of us.

8.    How are they different from other products on the market?

We always use a negative ion meter to measure the ion output in our products.

Client Testimonials

    I purchased a couple of your items at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach recently. We had a nice chat about EMF and negative ions. After using the "rope" on my wife's knee, she did find relief from the pain she suffers from. Afterwards, she would remove the rope and the pain would gradually come back. I would like to be able to buy the flat sheet and test that under her pillow so that she can inhale the negative ions. I look forward to testing out your new products.

    - By Kingland Woo

    As a retired RN, I gave hundreds and hundreds of immunizations to adults, babies and children over many years, and my hand was in pain from constant over use. Now I wear the silicon metal bracelet and my hand pain has greatly improved. I noticed an improvement after a few hours of wearing the bracelet. I also bought one for my husband who is an avid tennis player, he has been playing tennis for the past 40 years, and he wears his all the time, improves his game! Also helps him with his computer work, he has been a data base administrator for 30 years. My son is in the computer field, I will buy one for him too! You guys (eye - on -edge) are great, this is just what we needed!

    - By Susan Mayhew

    Please email me to discuss your product i purchased last weekend in Dixon.

    - By Anna

    I just want to say Thank you for having this wonderful product, I bought three magnet ones for me and my family and after couple minutes I felt the difference on my body as well my husband and my mom. I was really skeptical first but I so happy I have one now.Since I had it a sleep better and not feel tired after long day in front of the computer. Definitely works and I strongly recommend to everyone who has health problems or injuries.

    - By Borislava

    I hope you are still in business because I would like to buy 2 bracelets- please e-mail me-Thanks

    - By karen waters