Product Description

At 17” x 19”, it is a size designed for various purposes:

Using it at the fullest size, many men and women place it in their bed, between the cover sheet and the top mattress. Sleeping on it for 6-8 hours a night, you will revitalize the muscles around the back and the hips, with improved circulation.

During the day, the negative ions will slip away as you’re not absorbing any from the sheet. Consider wearing a bracelet to keep the flow continuing through your body.

Cut it up into usable squares to fit a cushion that can be placed on the back of your chair, back of your carseat, or a cushion you lay your feet. The back of the chair or recliner will help your back and hips; the back of the carseat will help those long-distance car rides or when you sit in traffic. Of course, resting your feet on the cushion will help feet, ankles, and up the legs into the knee area.


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Client Testimonials

    I saw a guy wearing one of your bracelets and I would like to purchase one-please let me know how to- Thanks

    - By karen waters

    As a retired RN, I gave hundreds and hundreds of immunizations to adults, babies and children over many years, and my hand was in pain from constant over use. Now I wear the silicon metal bracelet and my hand pain has greatly improved. I noticed an improvement after a few hours of wearing the bracelet. I also bought one for my husband who is an avid tennis player, he has been playing tennis for the past 40 years, and he wears his all the time, improves his game! Also helps him with his computer work, he has been a data base administrator for 30 years. My son is in the computer field, I will buy one for him too! You guys (eye - on -edge) are great, this is just what we needed!

    - By Susan Mayhew

    Hello, I bought one of your marvelous Products some weeks ago. And I have had much better felling than before. It makes me healthier and my life is more meaningful when I have it. Diane-35

    - By Naomie Coopmans

    I will try to spend my free time following and supporting for this website because it is so good. Thanks!

    - By Samuel Same

    I hope you are still in business because I would like to buy 2 bracelets- please e-mail me-Thanks

    - By karen waters